Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

From seasonality to voice performance to high turnover to compliance, we understand the dynamic challenges that BPOs and contact centers face on a daily basis. Through our next generation digital workspace with in-session voice support, consumption-based model, and compliance as a service offerings, Dizzion is uniquely equipped to address these challenges.

Solve it With Dizzion.

Adapt to Seasonal Demands.

Dizzion's innovative credit model caters perfectly to the dynamic and seasonal demands of the industry. Credits are consumed based on actual usage, delivering a cost-effective and flexible solution.

Compliance as a Service.

Achieve peace of mind with our +Compliance add-ons. Provide access to GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and SOC compliant workspaces with attestation of compliance included.

Unparalleled Voice Performance.

Our next generation WebRTC-based remoting protocol enables all voice traffic to flow in-session without needing to offload to the end-user device. This helps ensure consistent voice quality and eliminates the need to deploy any software to end-user devices.

Streamlined User Onboarding & Offboarding.

Dizzion transforms the challenge of high user turnover into a seamless experience. With quick, browser-based onboarding and offboarding, we make BYOD a practical reality, simplifying asset management.

Partner Accreditations

“Of the entire process of starting to work with a BPO, provisioning our desktops was the most painless part. The ease of setup added a lot of value because I didn’t have to take time away from other tasks to focus on implementing Dizzion.”

- Norm Nelson, Senior Director of Customer Experience at Vivint Smart Home