Decoding the EUC Hexagrid

Transformative Trends in Computing with Ruben Spruijt

Date and Time: April 24th 2024
11:00 AM EST, 8:00 AM PST, 5:00 PM CEST

Explore the Future of End-User Computing

Join us for an enlightening webinar where we'll explore the groundbreaking EUC Hexagrid, presented by Ruben Spruijt, Field CTO at Dizzion. Delve into the dynamic realm of End-User Computing (EUC) and discover how it's reshaping enterprise IT with innovation, flexibility, and a user-centric approach. This session will not only cover our top findings and trends from the whitepaper but also feature a fireside chat with community members. Gain invaluable insights into why EUC is vital in today's business landscape and how it can be leveraged to position your organization at the forefront of IT innovation.

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For further details on the original whitepaper, you can visit here.

Meet Your Expert Speaker

Ruben Spruijt
Field CTO

Ruben Spruijt, a renowned authority in End-User Computing, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. His insights into the EUC Hexagrid will offer valuable perspectives for IT professionals and enthusiasts alike.

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