Explore Creighton University's Digital Transformation with Dizzion Flex and Nutanix

Robert Gordon University Case Study

Embark on a journey through Creighton University's innovative digital transformation with our in-depth case study. Uncover how Dizzion Flex and Nutanix infrastructure paved the way for a modern, agile educational environment. This asset is a must-read for those in higher education and IT, offering valuable insights into:

  • Strategic Shift: Transition from Azure to Nutanix AHV, showcasing Frame's flexibility and multi-cloud capabilities.
  • Digital Revolution: How Creighton University embraced digital transformation to enhance remote and hybrid learning.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: The university's move to a more cost-efficient infrastructure while maintaining high-performance computing.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Delivering seamless access to resources and ensuring security for students and faculty.
  • Adaptable Infrastructure: The ease of pivoting infrastructure strategies with Frame's multi-cloud and multi-environment support.

Gain insights into the practical implications of such a transformation in higher education, and see how your institution can benefit from similar strategies. Download the case study now for an in-depth look at Creighton University's successful adoption of cutting-edge technology in the world of academia!

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